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Mv Agusta Brutale 800 SPETTRO - full optional

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Previewed at 'EICMA 2016 maintains and continues the innovative research  of  MOTOCORSE  to combine quality' and the design of each accessory, in harmony with the forms and the aesthetic lines of the same model.
There is in every single accessory a research to create something unique, which makes immediately perceptible  the "difference" with the other "brand" in the market.


  1. MV Agusta Brutale 800 MY2016;
  2. Oz Gass RS wheels Titanium color;
  3. Ohlins  SBK front forks FGR300;
  4. Ohlins TTX rear shock;
  5. MOTOCORSE Ohlins linear steering damper kit;
  6. Moto GP Brembo front calipers;
  7. Moto GP Staubly connectors;
  8. Carboceramic front brake discs;
  9. SBK chain 520;
  10. Termignoni final exhaust/silencer;
  11. Complete Carbon fairing kit (19 peaces)
  12. Motocorse complete Titanium screws kit (110 peaches);
  13. Motocorse Titanium water radiator/pump hose;
  14. Motocorse Titanium air intake grids;
  15. Motocorse Titanium water radiator protection screen;
  16. Motocorse Titanium oil radiator protection screen;
  17. Motocorse front wheel axle slider with Titanium screws;
  18. Motocorse Titanium counterweights handlebar kit;
  19. Motocorse complete Titanium frame plugs kit (10 plugs);
  20. Motocorse rear frame Titanium screws kit (4 screws);
  21. Motocorse exhaust silencer fitting Titanium screw kit;
  22. Motocorse Titanium oil plug;
  23. Motocorse Titanium rear sprocket nut;
  24. Motocorse Titanium rear wheel nut;
  25. Motocorse Titanium rear sprocket nuts kit ( 5 nuts);
  26. Motocorse Titanium rear brake lever screw;
  27. Motocorse Titanium side stand swich screw;
  28. Motocorse Titanium eccentric hub screws kit;
  29. Motocorse pair SYENCRO billet Aluminium homologated led blinkers;
  30. Motocorse pair billet Aluminium clutch and front brake levers;
  31. Motocorse pair billet Aluminium oil reservoirs with caps;
  32. Motocorse billet Aluminium tank plug quick action;
  33. Motocorse billet Aluminium clutch cover protection;
  34. Motocorse billet Aluminium generator cover protection;
  35. Motocorse billet Aluminium front sprocket cover;
  36. Motocorse billet Aluminium sprocket carrier;
  37. Motocorse billet Aluminium riding adjustable footpegs kit
  38. Motocorse billet Aluminium rear brake oil reservoir kit;
  39. Motocorse rear brake disc kit with Brembo CNC caliper;
  40. Motocorse special paint;
  41. Motocorse handmade Alcantara coating seats – stitching and embroidery;