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XDIAVEL was released as the first cruiser model of Ducati, which has its engine was newly developed as Testastretta DVT. This engine performs 152hp maximum power and the displacement 1262cc is the largest displacement in the history of Ducati. XDIAVEL is totally different model against DIAVEL. XDIAVEL designed as low & long style and its riding position is up-lighted position with forwarded foot peg. But the character of XDIAVEL’s engine controlled by the latest technology of electric device shows awesome performance when we fully opened throttle. Therefore, we have found XDIAVEL is Sport model designed with Ducati-DNA. Then we have looked anew for the essence of XDIAVEL under the concept with a refined styling as sport model in MOTO CORSE Style.
Unfortunately, the riding position of the standard XDIAVEL is not very comfortable because the rider has to bear his full body weight on his back sitting heavily on the seat which is very hard indeed on a pot holed on road.
The riding position of the DXC is remarkable converting the XDIAVEL from cruiser to sport model. This riding position is due to a lower positioned handlebar, a rear set made by CNC aluminium, mounted on a frame pivot plate and a sports seat in real leather with a new design of progressive diamond quilting stitches. The DXC is also equipped with OHLINS R&T front forks, OHLINS rear shock absorber, Alth Supervent ventilated floating brake discs and an STM dry clutch conversion kit Evoluzione-GP. Indeed, we have set up all the equipment with adjustable to maintain the overall balance of our DXC, then the DXC rider can enjoy his riding with more aggressive body weight shifting control.

Monocoque concept designed rear set:
We developed a rear set made by CNC aluminium designed by DXC concept to enjoy the sport riding on XDIAVEL. The position of both foot pegs is mounted on frame pivot plates and is moved backwards 55cm from the position of the XDIAVEL’s genuine foot pegs. Thanks to the monocoque concept design (surface is three dimensional in solid state, the back is precisely machined in a truss design), this rear set balances enough stiffness and weight reduction to control sport riding and emphasises the compact qualities of our DXC with both foot pegs of Moto Corse design -named the “Radial Block Square Edge Concept Foot Peg” which actually grips the soles of the riders boots increasing safety especially when spirited riding.

High positioned sport riding seat with special leather:
The special leather seat is also an important equipment for the DXC concept of enjoying sport riding, the seat height is raised 10cm higher than the original XDIAVEL item. This seat position provides a forward leaning riding position which together with the CNC aluminum rear sets and the seat made in real leather with MOTO CORSE original progressive diamond quilting stitches, brings an gorgeous and appearance and emphasises that DXC is immediately MOTO CORSE at
first view, the sport riding seat emphasises the flowing style from fuel tank to the duck-tail designed rear seat fairing made in carbon fibre.

Titanium slip-on tear-drop round-tapered dual silencer:
DXC is equipped with titanium slip-on round-tapered dual silencer. Two silencers have CNC aluminium end caps modelled on the jet port of fighter air craft, which are produced by a CNC 5 axle machining centre - they are designed with different diameters and mounted at different angles. The weight of this “DVXI” silencer is 3.3kg and lighter 6.8kg, 66% than the original silencers of XDIAVEL with 9.8kg. This titanium slip-on DVXI silencer produces more power and a dynamic riding performance to our DXC with a very exotic exhaust note.

OHLINS R&T front forks kit with CNC aluminum steering triple tree:
MOTO CORSE developed OHLINS Road & Track front forks and OHLINS rear shock absorber especially for DXC. These fully adjustable OHLINS 48mm upside down R&T front forks and S46 type rear shock absorber is necessary to upgrade your riding with an XDIAVEL. Our OHLINS front forks are mounted with CNC aluminum triple clamps and handle bar riser changing the feeling of the XDIAVEL altogether.

Alth Supervent ventilated floating brake disc:
DXC is equipped with Alth brake discs - Supervent series, ventilated and floating brake for the front and rear brake system. This is the product of Alth in Italy. The outer disc of the Supervent brakedisc is made by CNC machining in stainless steel is allowing air to flow through and providing cooling, but while the thickness is 6mm – the same as the Alth racing type FR series, in this case it is lighter than the FR series by over 15% because of the ventilated structure. ALTH Supervent discs provide a stable, light braking performance not affected any temperature change permitting controllable and high-quality performance, a necessity to enjoying sport motorcycle riding.

STM Dry slipper clutch conversion kit:
STM Dry slipper clutch Conversion Kit Evoluzione-GP brings out a mechanical beauty and fine feel to clutch operation, not only for sports riding but also cruising, the perfect engine brake control unique to the STM slipper clutch can stabilize the DXC from excessive engine braking effect when downshifting for safer riding and reducing the load on the belt drive system and other important engine components. The STM dry clutch also produces very gently clutch operation without clutch judder. This is a very important asset, especially for the rider who is inexperienced with a dry clutch system, but we are sure that the most satisfaction gained will be manipulating the clutch in the same way as a Ducati dry clutch model.